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Teckell Ciclotte Black

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Teckell’s motto Italian design looks forward meets Ciclotte’s Ride on design in an extraordinary exercise bike.

Black Carbon

Size and Packaging Ciclotte Black Carbon

Specification Black Carbon
Exercise Bike L 111 W 50 H 111 cm | L 43 3⁄4 W 19 1⁄2 H 43 3⁄4 in
Exercise Bike Weight 96 kg | 212 lbs
Packaging Type Box
Packaging Dimension L 100 W 80 H 120 cm | L 39 1⁄4 W 31 1⁄2 H 47 1⁄4 in
Packaging Weight 110 kg | 243 lbs

Teckell Ciclotte Black

A stylish made-in-Italy stationary bicycle, the first-ever made with exquisite, transparent crystal.


Teckell Ciclotte Black

  • Glass Disc: A 30-mm glass disc replaces the bike's original circular frame for a stunning, sleek look. Frame in steel and laser cut multi-layer glass: external layers in low iron tempered glass and internal layer in hardened glass.
  • Frame: Polished black varnished stainless steel.
  • Base: The flexible, chrome-finished base follows the body's movements. The frame flexes sideways when under pressure, just as when cycling on a street.
  • Handlebar: Handlebar and grip system for an ergonomic, vertical structure. Handlebar adjustable in height and grade.
  • Pedals: Due to the unusually compact transmission, the distance between the pedals is only 6 cm. This narrow gap helps the rider avoid joint problems.
  • Seat: Racing bike gel seat with trim for use both for cycling and spinning. Adjustable in height and grade. The seat has a standard attachment that allows the customer to replace the provided seat with others of their choice.
    - Pitch: 16 mm
    - Total Stoke: 21 cm
    - Maximum user's weight: 118 Kg
  • Training Highlights: High-performance training is possible thanks to an adjustable magnetic resistance system (12 magnets and the flywheel make up the transmission). The flywheel spins at a high speed due to a system that multiples the pedal turns, enhancing the magnetic field's strength. the transmission with gear box simulates a racing bike. An electric system regulates resistance.
  • Connectivity: This bluetooth-enabled bike is equipped with a sturdy stand (black only) for a smartphone or tablet. Watch movies, listen to music or follow simulated trail or road routes via a special android/ios-compatible app that also tracks speed and distance. Featuring 10 resistance levels fine adjustment.
  • Certifications: EU / US / CHINA
  • Patented Design: Covered by international ornamental model.

    Designed for indoor use.

Each Exercise Bike Includes:

Teckell® Tool Kit

• Warranty certificate.
• Instructions and tools for assembling and maintaining the product.

Always avant-garde, experimenting, surprising. This are the pillars supporting Teckell founder Gianfranco Barban’s innovative research. “We are not interested in being conventional. The object has to be altered in light of our intuition, not the opposite.

Research and development should be continual; ideas for product improvements often come from diverse worlds and mind-sets.

Teckell’s motto Italian design looks forward meets Ciclotte’s Ride on design in an extraordinary exercise bike.

This masterpiece embodies the two brands technological expertise and meticulous craftsmanship.

Production Time

Our Artisans will immediately get to work combining the mastery, the art and the excellence of the selected materials to create a masterpiece in 10 - 12 weeks, signed by Teckell

Shipping Time

Our logistics department will take care of delivering the precious pieces of art you have purchased to your home.