Luxury Black Crystal Wall Pendulum Timepieces - Takto
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Luxury Crystal Wall Timepieces - Takto
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Design and art cross paths in a new dimension that’s light and ethereal.

Blue Anodized

Size and Packaging Timepieces Allegro

Specification All Types
Wall Pendulum Clock L 66 W 23 H 125 cm | L 26 W 9 H 49 1⁄4 in
Exercise Bike Weight 41 kg | 90 lbs
Packaging Quantity and Type 2 Box
Box 1 Dimension L 80 W 80 H 46 cm | L 31 1⁄2 W 31 1⁄2 H 18 in
Box 1 Weight 283 kg | 624 lbs
Box 2 Dimension L 125 W 26 H 9 cm | L 49 1⁄4 W 10 1⁄4 H 3 1⁄2 in
Box 2 Weight 120 kg | 26 lbs


This timepiece breathes new life into a space, becoming its focal point. A completely milled wall clock that provides flawless time and finely crafted details.



  • Pendulum rod made of Invar, a metal alloy with a very low thermal expansion coefficient, with compensation tube for temperature variation.
  • Stainless steel arbor, revolution on 15 ball bearings
  • DLC-coated gears and pinions (low friction coefficient).
  • Crystal glass structure, 1/2”-thick discs.
  • Regulation by small weights.
  • Charge autonomy: 7+1 days / Charge reserve: up to 5 minutes
  • Suspension spring.
  • Graham escapement.
  • Elements with a reduced weight: 2,4 kg drive; 6,5 kg bob lens.
  • The crystal is the star attraction: glass discs substitute for the traditional structure; the discs’ are supported by lightweight glass columns.
  • Bearings attached and adjusted directly on the crystal structure via computer numerical control (CNC).
  • Designed for indoor use

Each Wall Clock Includes:

Takto® Tool Kit

• certificate of authenticity,
• Instructions and tools for assembling and maintaining the product.

Takto Timepieces by Teckell takes you by the hand into the world of man's eternal challenge against time with a collection of extraordinary floor clocks and wall clocks.

An extraordinary balance of form and function within a highly desired object.

Production Time

Our Artisans will immediately get to work combining the mastery, the art and the excellence of the selected materials to create a masterpiece in 10 - 12 weeks, signed by Teckell

Shipping Time

Our logistics department will take care of delivering the precious pieces of art you have purchased to your home.