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Stratego Wood 8.540,00 12.200,00  inc. Vat

Stratego White

8.540,00 12.200,00  inc. Vat

One board, multiple entertainment options.

Checkers / Backgammon
Chess + additional game

Size and Packaging Stratego Calacatta White

Specification Marquina Black
Multi-Game Board L 52 W 52 H 4.5 cm | L 20 1⁄4 W 20 1⁄4 H 1 3⁄4 in
Multi-Game Board Weight 28 kg | 62 lbs
Packaging Type Box
Packaging Dimension L 60 W 60 H 36 cm | L 23 1⁄2 W 23 1⁄2 H 14 in
Packaging Weight 48 kg | 106 lbs



Stratego White

Another masterpiece by Teckell, dedicated to crafting stylish, classic board games.


Stratego White

  • Extra-clear crystal top.
  • Solid marble base, three options: Carrara white, Marquina black, Walnut Wood.
  • Chess pieces made of lathed, extra-clear crystal cylinders decorated with 24k gold / chrome plated brass.
  • Interchangeable game surface in thin metal allowing you to play multiple games.

Each Game-Board Includes:

Teckell® Tool Kit

• certificate of authenticity,
• Instructions and tools for assembling and maintaining the product.


Always avant-garde, experimenting, surprising. This are the pillars supporting Teckell founder Gianfranco Barban’s innovative research. “We are not interested in being conventional. The object has to be altered in light of our intuition, not the opposite.

Research and development should be continual; ideas for product improvements often come from diverse worlds and mind-sets.

Production Time

Our Artisans will immediately get to work combining the mastery, the art and the excellence of the selected materials to create a masterpiece in 10 - 12 weeks, signed by Teckell

Shipping Time

Our logistics department will take care of delivering the precious pieces of art you have purchased to your home.