luxury light bronze pool tables
T 1.1 Light Bronze 48.800,00 53.680,00  inc. Vat
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luxury wood pool tables
T 1.3 Wood 52.460,00 58.560,00  inc. Vat

T 1.3 Gold

61.000,00 67.100,00  inc. Vat

T1.3 Gold is the maximum in minimalist beauty.

8 feet
9 feet
Teckell-Pooltable-felt-Color-Marine-Blue Marine Blue
Teckell-Pooltable-felt-Color-Royal-Blue Royal Blue
Teckell-Pooltable-felt-Color-Slate-Grey Slate Grey
Teckell-Pooltable-felt-Color-Royal-Burgundy Burgundy
Teckell-Pooltable-felt-Color-Black Black

Size and Packaging guidelines T1.3 Gold LE

Specification 9 Feet
Assembly Required Yes
Pool Tables L 290 W 163 H 82 cm | L 114 1⁄4 W 64 1⁄4 H 32 1⁄4 in
Pool Tables Weight 400kg | 882 lbs
Packaging Type Box
Packaging Dimensions L 300 W 175 H 35 cm | L 118 W 59 H 13 1⁄4 in
Packaging Weight 485kg | 1069lbs
Accessories Packaging Type Box
Accessories Packages L 134 W 100 H 58 cm | L 52 3⁄4 W 39 1⁄2 H 22 3⁄4 in
Accessories Weight 142kg | 313lbs

T 1.3 Gold

A pool table that has no rivals. Versatile and eclectic, the T1.3 is impressive, from its original system of interchangeable, magnetized side walls to the sophisticated, hand-stitched leather.


T 1.3 Gold

  • Each table is crafted through the use of advanced CNC machines to ensure unrivaled precision.
  • The legs are in extra clear tempered crystal with a minimum thickness of 9/16” (15 mm), with double-bevel edges.
  • Playing field made of a single sheet of extra clear tempered crystal, minimum thickness of 9/16” (15 mm).
  • Brass rail inlays plated in 24k gold with a hand-brushed finish.
  • Bases in solid oak, matte black open-pore finish, with chromed 24K Gold plated metal listels.
  • Simonis® 860 worsted wool playing surface, available in a wide palette of colors:
    – Black
    – Slate Grey
    – Blue Marine
    – Burgundy

    Other colors also available upon request.

  • Polyurethane bumpers.
Each pool table comes with:

Teckell® biliardo

• Four Teckell® branded cues

• Branded Teckell® game triangle

• Super Aramith® Pro American ball set
• 3Lobite® extension system

• Kamui® Stella bridge

• chalk set.


Simonis® 860

The finest bar none, made of worsted wool and available in 25 different colors.


Simonis® 860

The finest bar none, made of worsted wool and available in 25 different colors.

Each table Includes:

Teckell® Tool Kit

• Certificate of Authenticity
• instructions and tools for assembling
• maintaining the product.

Always avant-garde, experimenting, surprising. This are the pillars supporting Teckell founder Gianfranco Barban’s innovative research. “We are not interested in being conventional. The object has to be altered in light of our intuition, not the opposite.

Research and development should be continual; ideas for product improvements often come from diverse worlds and mind-sets.

Production Time

Our Artisans will immediately get to work combining the mastery, the art and the excellence of the selected materials to create a masterpiece in 10 - 12 weeks, signed by Teckell

Shipping Time

Our logistics department will take care of delivering the precious pieces of art you have purchased to your home.